Saturday, April 17, 2010

Initial Post

Hello Friends,

If you have found your way here I think I can safely assume that you are concerned about out-of-control spending, out-of-touch legislators and the shameless dissemination of misinformation concerning the Tea Party.
I plan to post as often as possible and would like to invite everyone to comment. Dissenting opinions are welcome. Feel free to correct me if you can cite sources. Civilized discourse is the goal of this blog.
I had planned to at least attempt to assemble my complaints with the current administation chronologically, but there are two rather heinous affronts to common decency that I would like to address now.
First; The unconscionable use of the so-called race card by the mainstream media. Has anyone on the left (not the ruling aristocracy, but rank and file party members) considered how utterly ridiculous it is to accuse a person (or group) of racism because they disagree with the democratically elected president? (I disagree with the majority of the Patriot Act, does that make me prejudiced against Texans?) Racism is the smearing, discrediting brush that ends discourse by changing the topic of conversation from the issue at hand to defense of one's character. No more are we talking about the fact that the United States elected a president of African-American descent. Shameless liberals are decrying 'racists' that would oppose anything President Obama would attempt to accomplish.
Who are the real racists here? Are liberal idealogues really so simple-minded as to believe that the only reason anyone could possibly disagree with the president is because he is black? Is there absolutely no chance that our disenchantment is based upon policy and not prejudice? Unfortunately I expect to revisit this topic often.
Second; Shame on Former-President Clinton for comparing the Tea Party to right-wing extremists, (i.e. Timothy McVeigh). This is a smear campaign based on fear tactics that is beneath an American president. Unfortunately, it would seem that 'The ends justify the means' is the battle-cry of an administration that has and will continue to legislate 'for our own good' against the clear will of the majority.
Back soon,

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